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Father Johnpromise Umeozuru discusses the Closer to Christ campaign with parishioners at Holy Trinity, Church Crookham.

Diocesan Fundraising Campaign breaks all records

The Catholic Diocese of Portsmouth is celebrating the achievement of a staggering milestone in its fundraising campaign Closer to Christ.

The campaign, which began three years ago, was started to address significant needs in the Diocese’s parishes and ministry. The aim was to sustain and rekindle the faith community by supporting Priests from formation and into retirement and ensuring that parishes had the necessary resources to thrive in the future, particularly as they emerged from the Covid pandemic.

Announcing the milestone achievement as total pledges to the campaign surpassed the £11 million-mark, Bishop Philip Egan said: “Thanks to the Lord, the leadership of our priests in over 60 parishes and the extraordinary generosity of approaching 3,500 families, I am so pleased to share that we have now secured in excess of £11 million in pledges. Three quarters of parishes who have participated have exceeded the targets set and more than 20,000 households have been engaged in the Campaign. I find this truly remarkable and it speaks to the genuine commitment to the future of our Catholic faith across our Diocese.”

Bishop Philip went on to say: “The Closer to Christ campaign provides us with a unique opportunity to realise our mission of bringing people closer to Jesus Christ through His Church. This exciting initiative will enable us to continue our journey to become ever more outward facing and evangelistic, while supporting our local parishes, who are the backbone of our Church.​”

“I am humbled and encouraged by this wonderful success and so grateful for the tremendous kindness and participation of so many. This is a very special moment for me and I am sure for everyone in our Diocesan family.”