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People stop coming to church for many different reasons

“I never really started; I was baptised and made my 1st Holy Communion, but noone in my family went at other times”

“I stopped going to Mass in my teenage years because Mass seemed boring or irrelevant”

“Some experiences in my life have made me ashamed. Deep down I felt I was doing wrong and that the Church disapproved”

“My marriage broke up and I am now in a new relationship”

“I disagree with the Church’s teaching”

“I ‘m married to a non-Catholic”

“I have been hurt by something said or done by someone at Church. I still feel angry about this”

“I just stopped coming for no particular reason”

Your Local Church

The church is made up of ordinary people, fragile and imperfect human beings. We are not perfect, but we are trying hard to be a true family where everyone is welcome. We are deeply sorry if you have been hurt by a member of the Church. If you have been away for a long time you may find that today’s Church is very different. You and your story could help us to become more Christ-like. Your contribution is very valuable. So are your God given gifts, and we are incomplete without them. This is loving invitation to think about returning to Church. We have missed you.

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