“ I can do all things through Him who strengthens me”

(Philippians 4:13)


Arrangements for 2023

Dioceses vary as to when, where and how they celebrate Confirmation and there’s a lot of discussion about the right age and the right place. As the Shepherd of this Diocese, Bishop Philip has asked that Confirmations should normally take place once every two years for the parishes of each Pastoral Area and that the course lasts two years: one year leading up to the Sacrament and then a follow-on year (mystagogia) continuing the fun, formation and prayer, together with a simple work of charity and service, such as visiting a care home. This second year helps deepen the call to discipleship of Christ, by forming a peer support-group that can be linked into our diocesan youth programmes.

Bishop Philip usually confers Confirmation at the Cathedral on the weekends of Eastertide. This is a great opportunity for the youngsters to get to know the mother church of the Diocese, the seat of the Bishop, to sense belonging not just to a parish but importantly to the Diocese of Portsmouth, thus strengthening the bonds of communion with the Bishop.