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Divine Renovation UK

A Simple Goal

Divine Renovation has a simple goal: to inspire and equip parishes to be missionary and through them bring people to Jesus. It aims to accomplish this through events, resources and hands-on coaching.


Divine Renovation exists to inspire, connect, and equip priests and their parishes to go from maintenance to mission; for every Catholic parish to be a place where people can come and have their lives transformed by entering into a relationship with Jesus.


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Divine Renovation’s vision for the UK is to inspire, connect and create community among a network of parishes intentionally pursuing mission, through the best of leadership principles, in the power of the Holy Spirit and that’s our vision too!


In the 4 years since parishes have started implementing Divine Renovation principles, we are seeing parishes bearing fruit as lives are transformed. Divine Renovation is currently connected with around 500 UK parishes – from parish leadership teams receiving one-to-one coaching, to cohorts of priests experiencing Kickstart; and from parishes in group coaching, to those curious to learn more.


For more information about Divine Renovation click here – https://www.divinerenovation.org/united-kingdom

Visit Us

If you would like to visit one of our parishes that are involved with Divine Renovation, please follow this link.