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Discerning the Religious Life

Though the Religious life is more than 1,000 years old, God is still calling men and women to the Religious life today.

It is a difficult but joyful life of service to God and the world in prayer, self-sacrifice, and work for the good of the Kingdom. If you feel like you might be called to the Religious life, it is important to pray and think very hard about whether that life is for you. There are some great online resources to help you with this discernment, but nothing is better than finding out about it in-person. Get to know the different Religious Orders, and speak to the Vocations Directors or Novice Masters of the different orders for their advice.

Religious Life in Our Diocese

Our Diocese is blessed to be home to many different religious houses, who may be contacted by individual discerners who feel called to their way of life.

There are many different ways of living a Religious or Monastic vocation. To find out more about the huge variety of different religious orders that operate in England and Wales, visit the UK Religious life website and the website of the Bishops Conference National Office of Vocations and look at their resources on the consecrated life.