Meet the young men training for the Diocese of Portsmouth

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Nathan King

South Africa - Allen Hall Seminary

First Year

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Francis Ezeani

Nigeria - Sacred Heart House

First Year

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David Bateman

Cathedral Parish - St Mary's, Oscott

Fifth Year

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Ambrose Chou

Cathedral Parish - St Mary's, Oscott

Fourth Year

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Ryan Browne

Southbourne Parish - VEC, Rome

Third Year

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Edward Hauschild

Southampton - VEC, Rome

Fifth Year

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Ryan Hawkes

Basingstoke Parish - VEC, Rome

Second Year

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Jack Ryan

Park Gate Parish - VEC, Rome

Second Year

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Tom Hiney

Army Chaplaincy - Beda, Rome

Second Year

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James Lewis

Christchurch Parish - Allen Hall

Final Year


In this house of formation, seminarians deepen their awareness of the meaning and challenges of priesthood through their theological studies, through prayerful reflection on the revealed Word of God and the Tradition of the Church and its meaning for the modern world, as well as through a variety of pastoral service opportunities and human development. Usually, the seminary journey lasts for up to seven years before a man is ordained as a priest.