Christian Unity

Headed by Canon David Hopgood, the Christian Unity Team aims to promote and develop good relations with the clergy and laity of other Christian communities, both with the Orthodox and Reformed communities (Anglican, Lutheran, Methodist, Presbyterian, Free Church, Pentecostal, Baptist and non-denominational Churches). More specifically it engages in various activities through education and prayer to work for a deeper communion among the different denominations.

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Inter Religious Dialogue

The inter-religious dialogue team seeks to develop good relations with other religious communities and their leaders. The team is largely based in Southampton, where a Council of Faith, headed by Mgr Vincent Harvey, meets once a month with representatives of other religions in order to discuss relevant issues, enter dialogue, and grow in fellowship.

This past year they have been working together on events and initiatives such as the Holocaust Memorial day and the Peace Walks initiative. Each year they meet for a Christmas lunch and together they have close working relationships with the city council.

If you would like to get involved or be notified of any events please contact the team.

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Dialogue with Sectors

The Sectors for Cultural Dialogue team are composed of professionals from various disciplines, e.g. medicine, business, education, politics etc. The team seeks to bring the Catholic Tradition into a critical conversation with the thinking and philosophy of those cultural sectors.

“Over the last two years the team have successfully organised two symposiums featuring key note addresses, workshops and critical discussions – Science and Religion – A Symposium, featured celebrity scientist and professor, Dr Brian Cox and Fr Andrew Pinsent, Catholic
priest and CERN physicist. Politics and Religion – A Symposium, featured Jacob Rees-Mogg MP, Ruth Kelly MP and Lord David Alton. You can view the content from the day here.”

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