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Our Priests

“The Catholic Church is made up of the Body of Christ, each individual person living out their vocation, and led by our priests; who are pastors, shepherds and leaders. These men guide our communities and offer us inspiration. To enable our parishes to be impactful, purposeful, active and beacons of the Holy Spirit, our priests need to be truly men of God. They need to be men of prayer, knowledge, wisdom and experience. They must display a range of skills and abilities, enabling them to adapt from one situation to another in order to carry out their pastoral ministry. “

Our Deacons

The priests of the Diocese are supported by Permanent Deacons. Since the earliest days of the Church, men ordained as Deacon by the Bishop of his diocese has served the Church in a three-fold ministry:

  • The Ministry of Charity
  • The Ministry of the Word
  • The Ministry of the Altar

As well as parish ministry, deacons are engaged in a variety of other ministries, including school, prison and hospital chaplaincy.

A man considering a vocation as a Permanent Deacon will have the support of their parish priest,  be actively engaged in the life of their own parish, and already be involved in works of service and exercising some leadership roles within this community.

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To search for a particular priest or deacon of the Diocese you can click on the following links

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