Each of us is called to act justly and peaceably in our own lives within our families, our work and our community.

We also have a responsibility where we can to get involved to support justice for all God’s people, particularly the poor and to be good stewards of creation. As a church then we need to get involved in a whole range of human life issues: from those campaigns against abortion and beginning of life matters, through campaigns to do with childhood and old age, the care of animals, justice, peace and reconciliation in our own society and overseas, plus concerns with environmental resources, bioethical matters and end of life care.

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Social Action

Are you called to help raise the profile of Social Justice in our Diocese?

If you have a passion for social justice, time to attend and travel to 5 meetings a year and training and a willingness to learn and share with others, why not consider becoming a volunteer? We can have more impact if we work together and share information. List of parish contacts and campaign groups in the Diocese.

Across the Diocese there are already lots of people taking action and speaking up for justice in their parish and local area. We would like to build up a diocesan network. If you have a social action group in your parish or support a local or national campaigning group, we would be pleased to add you to our data base so that groups with common interests may contact each other.