The Framework, its three vicariates and six departments

Within the Framework for Collaboration there are three Vicariates: for Vocation, for Education and for Evangelisation. The Framework is theologically grounded on Christ and His three‐fold office as Priest, Prophet and King, that is, of sanctifying (His high priesthood), teaching (His prophetic mission) and shepherding (His rule). The three Vicariates also represent three dynamically interrelated strands of Christian discipleship, animated by the Holy Spirit: call ‐ formation ‐ mission. Inspired by the Holy Spirit, the call of the disciple leads him or her to formation in the life and teaching of Christ, and this in turn leads to him or her being sent out on mission.

Each Vicariate is divided into two Departments. These are led by a priest, a deacon, a religious or a layperson. The six Departments are as follows: Vicariate for Vocation: Department for Vocation;  Department for Clergy. Vicariate for Education: Catholic Academies and Schools Office; and Department for Educational Chaplaincies,  Department for Charity; and Vicariate for Evangelisation: Department for New Evangelisation. This allocation of Departments to Vicariates comprise team‐activities.

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Vicar General: Clergy

Vicar General: Moderator of the Curia

Chief Operating Officer

Vicariate for Vocation

 Episcopal Vicar for Vocation

Department for Vocation

Discipleship and Vocation

  • Pre-Discipleship
  • Spiritual Formation
    • Called and Gifted
  • Marriage/Family Life
    • Marriage Preparation
    • Fertility Support
    • Family Care
  • Ecclesial Movements
  • Pastoral Workers
  • Consecrated Life
    • Director for Religious
  • Diaconate Department
    • Vocation
    • Formation
    • On-going Support
  • Priestly Vocations
    • Vocations Promotion
    • Vocations Direction


  • Liturgical Formation
    • Ministerial Formation
    • Diocesan Ordo
    • AC of St Stephen
    • Diocesan Events
    • Music/Worship Ministry
  • Pilgrimage
    • Lourdes Pilgrimage Other
Department for Clergy

Bishop’s Support of Clergy

  • Priests
  • Junior Clergy Group
  • OGF of Clergy
  • Supervision
  • Retired Clergy
  • Kiln Green


  • Pastoral Care Services
    • Sick/Housebound
    • Homeless
    • Disability F’ship
    • Care of Dying
    • Care of Bereaved
    • Mentally Ill
    • Travellers
  • Institutional Chaplaincies
    • Hospital Chaplains
    • Prison Chaplains
    • Military Chaplaincies
  • Ethnic Chaplaincies
    • Filipino Chapy
    • Chinese
    • Nigerian
  • Ecclesial Chaplaincies
    • Syro-Malabar Chapy
    • Extraordinary Form
    • Ordinariate Links
Vicariate for Education

 Episcopal Vicar for Education

Catholic Academies and Schools Office
  • Governance and Compliance
  • Promoting Schools
  • Places and Admissions
  • RE and Worship
  • School to School Support
  • School Leadership
  • Statutory Partners
Department for Educational Chaplaincies
  • School/Academy Chaplaincies
  • University Chaplaincies
  • Youth Chaplains Team
  • Youth Mission Team
    • Confirmation & Follow-Up
    • Youth Days and Events
    • Youth Movements
    • Altar Servers
Vicariate for Evangelisation

 Episcopal Vicar for Evangelisation

Department for Charity

Diocesan Outreach

  • Justice, Peace and SR
  • Refugee Response Group
  • Caritas Diocese of Port
  • Charities and Outreach


Department for New Evangelisation

New Evangelisation

  • New Evangelisation Team
  • Social Research Unit
  • Margin/Inactive RCs

Formation for Mission

  • Catechetical Formation
    • Sacraments
    • Children’s Liturgy
  • Adult Formation
    • RCIA
    • HE Programmes
    • Courses & Events

Dialogue & Proclamation

  • Christian Unity
  • Interreligious Dialogue
  • Jewish Fraternity
  • Dialogue with Sectors
  • Courtyard of Gentiles
  • Civic Relations