Reaching out beyond the threshold

Clergy and parishioners engage across various vital areas. For example, we offer chaplaincy to 51 Hospitals, providing vital care and support, often in times of great difficulty or in end-of-life situations. Chaplaincy is provided to 4 prisons, comprising a prison population of 2,071 inmates with various spiritual needs. Minority group chaplaincy provides support to many people from different nationalities including Poland, India, Philippines, Nigeria, Ghana, Cameroon, Venezuela and China, meeting spiritual and social needs in various languages. Parishes provide pastoral care services to the travelling community, for youth ministry ranging from pre school to young adulthood and chaplaincy to refugees and seafarers, particularly in our parishes situated in ports. 

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The Extraordinary Form

Rev Fr Joe McNerney

Father Joe McNerney’s role is to enable the provision of celebrations of the Roman Rite Liturgy in the Extraordinary Form (EF).


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Pastoral Care Services

Rev Fr Peter Hollins

“Jesus shows us: Heaven suffers with us when we suffer. God even wants to be rediscovered in ‘the least of my brethren’ (Matthew 25:40). This team seeks to promote the welfare and support of all the sick, the differently abled, the housebound and those with any special needs (e.g. the visually or aurally impaired) across the diocese, spiritually and practically.



Hospital Chaplaincies

Rev Fr Joe McNerney

“Care for the sick must have priority over everything else: They should be served as though they were really Christ” (St. Benedict of Nursia). This team is comprised of all Catholic chaplains, both lay and ordained, paid or voluntarily working within the NHS from the Diocese of Portsmouth. It meets once or twice a year.


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Prison Chaplaincies

Rev Fr Joe McNerney

Comprises all Catholic chaplains, both lay and ordained, paid or voluntarily working within prisons located within the diocese. We meet at least once or twice a year for prayer, discussion and mutual support, sharing information and to develop good practice.


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Apostleship of the Sea

Rev Fr John Lavers

The regional chaplaincy covers the ports of Southampton, Portland, Poole, Fawley, Cowes, The Channel Islands, Portsmouth and Shoreham, Southampton Seafarers Centre.



Military Chaplaincy

Rt Rev Paul Mason (Bishop of the Forces)

Serving the pastoral needs of Catholic Servicemen and women. This Chaplaincy is covered by the Bishopric of the Forces.


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The Ordinariate Chaplaincy

Rev Fr Claro Conde

Comprised of priests appointed by the Bishop as link-persons to liaise with the Ordinariate as located within the diocese.



Other Rites

Rev Fr Marcus Brisley

To liaise with the Bishop, priests and communities to determine what pastoral provision of other rites is needed in each community.


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Ethnic Chaplaincy

Rev Fr Claro Conde

The role of this team is to value, celebrate and network each ethnic group and helps integrate people of different ethnicities into the life of the local parish, the diocese and the universal Church. The Bishop first appoints an Ethnic Chaplaincy Coordinator and then, in liaison with him, appoints chaplains to the various ethnic groups and communities within the diocese.