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What’s the purpose of having a spiritual practice?

Transformation. Any spiritual path should lead to transformation. Developing our engagement in a deep and meaningful way on our faith journey has the possibility to transform our lives.

There are of course many forms of transformation and many ways of framing the Christian path, all authentic and deeply transformative.

Some of the ways we can help you in your spirituality - Spirituality Team

To help people to establish an intimate and personal relationship with God.
To move from ‘saying’ prayers to praying and using reflective practice to listen to God as well as speaking to Him, hence our logo ‘Grounded in Prayer’.
To develop an adult faith in which knowledge of God and knowledge of self become a life long journey.
To address a frequently posed question – ‘What do you mean by a personal relationship with God?’
To support and help people in developing a prayer life which is sustainable through the challenges of life.
To maintain a network of well trained Spiritual Directors throughout the diocese who can help people to discern where God is working in their lives.

To support people in their spiritual journeys, the diocese has developed a spirituality team. The team consists of approximately 12 trained accompaniers who initiate and develop projects to support spirituality.

Weeks of Accompanied Prayer

Each participant (10-35 people) meets privately and confidentially for up to one hour each day from Monday to Friday with a trained Spiritual Director.

We will look at ways to develop prayer through scripture, poetry, art, music, exploring creation are explored.

Following a WAP the team go back over the next weeks and months to nurture Christian Life Community groups at the invitation of the parish priest. These are supportive faith sharing groups which meet every fortnight and are ongoing sometimes for many years. This is a long established Ignatian model.

The next opportunity is by Zoom in Hook beginning 17th October.
This will be followed by a face to face WAP in Jersey

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Open Door Retreats

A nine week programme of two hours each week in which groups of up to 10 meet, share and grow in faith and companionship, with the option of ongoing lifelong spiritual direction after the retreat.

A programme of Continuing Professional Development for our Spiritual Directors and at least a one day conference each year networking with Directors from Clifton, Plymouth and Arundel and Brighton dioceses.

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What we hope to achieve by our support

Personal spiritual growth through the provision of a safe and non judgemental environment, through tailored individual accompaniment  to foster a deep and abiding love of Our Lord.

I have found healing and growth in exploring areas of my life in which I did not recognise or understand where God was.

I have found joy in new ways of praying tailored to me and my life.

A wonderful experience in which I encountered Christ as a friend.

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