By Linda Guilding - March 23rd, 2023 | Posted in News No comments

On Sunday 12th March, nine young people aged 7 to 15 took over Our Lady of Mercy and St Joseph Church in Lymington.

The group chose the music, wrote the prayers of intercession and took over the tasks normally carried out by the adults of the Parish, such as Welcoming, Reading, Sacristan duties and the Offertory.


As the parishioners entered the young people introduced themselves and warmly welcomed them to their Youth Mass.

One young person was moved to say to each person “Remember! God loves you and is with you always.”

Every parishioner entered the church with a big smile on their faces. Nothing like a Youth Mass to lift the spirits!

Door Olivia

The church was full, and the adults watched in awe as the the young people confidently spoke God’s Word with great warmth and understanding. Everyone enjoyed this very welcome takeover.