Portsmouth Vocations


'Vocation' means 'calling'

from the Latin 'Vocare' (to call)

Your vocation is what God calls you to do with your life. Everybody is called by God to know, love and serve him. The difference is how each one of us does this. In the one life God gave you to live, you have one purpose: to do the will of God.

What is Your Vocation?

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Religious Life

The 'most perfect' vocation

A Vocation to the Religious Life is a Vocation to live in community, living out the counsels of Poverty, Chastity, and Obedience.


The Priesthood

Spiritual Fatherhood

To be a Priest is to stand in your local community as an Icon of Christ. A priest brings Christ, through the sacraments, to His people.


Married Life

A lifelong commitment

Marriage is a 'natural vocation' - God gave us a natural longing to be loved by another, and to raise a family with them.

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Single Life

Consecration to Jesus

To embrace the single life as a lay person in a lifelong commitment.  This is a real vocation and is of increasing significance in the life of the Church.

Discerning a Vocation

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A Vocation is a calling from God: he calls each one of us to live out a particular state of life and build up the Church in the way that is best for us. Discerning a vocation isn't like choosing a career, it is deeper than asking what do I want to do, it is asking the question: Who is God calling me to be? 

The Church wants to help all faithful Catholics discover, discern, and develop their own particular vocation. One of the ways we do that is through a programme called 'Called and Gifted' - which helps people to find out what special charisms and skills they have which might be used for the glory of God and the building of His Kingdom here on earth. To ind out more about our diocesan Called and gifted programme, please visit the dedicated section of the website: