By Jenny Lelean - August 30th, 2023 | Posted in News No comments
The Season of Creation starts this Friday, 1st September, with an online global ecumenical prayer service starting at 2pm. You can join the service via the Season of Creation website.

There are lots of ideas and reflections to help acknowledge the season including…

The Caritas Portsmouth Season of Creation page has a number of ideas that can be run in a parish and also can connect you with our Climate Pledge Card which you can complete online or download. Each week we will be putting together a series of reflections, actions and ideas on our website focussing on different themes to help us care for our common home. There are  ideas that can work for individuals, families parishes and schools so sign up if you would like these delivered straight to your inbox each Friday.

Using the image of a river, Pope Francis highlights the need for us to come together, forming “streams, brooks and rivulets, merging finally together in a mighty river to irrigate the life of our marvellous planet and our human family for generations to come.” To help us see our actions as adding to this mighty river, we’ve created a Padlet photo gallery where you can upload pictures of what you and/or your school or parish are doing this season. We can support and inspire each other so that justice and peace may flow.