Diocesan Survey


As we journey in faith together

We want to understand what you think and what you consider important!

Some months ago, I asked clergy to share their thoughts in relation to three questions that I posed about the state of our Diocese, to inform the development of the long term plans and priorities: what they thought was good about the diocese, that we should celebrate; what might be identified as the challenges across our diocese; and what we may need to put in place to develop further our mission.


We now want to understand better what you the people and parishioners of our Diocese think and what you consider is important as we journey in faith together.


This will help us all to develop plans and priorities for the Diocese so that we can truly be faithful missionary people in a flourishing and vibrant Diocese that brings the joy and hope of the Gospel message to our communities and the wider world.


The online questionnaire will run over Christmas and into the New Year and we will be promoting this opportunity through parish newsletters and websites, parish groups and in the notices at the end of the Mass.


The survey will take between 10 and 20 minutes of your time as there are a few areas to cover and I would like as much detail as you are happy to give. The views and thoughts from people who no longer come to church is also important to us so please do encourage those you think might want to have a say to also complete as much of the questionnaire as is relevant to them.


We will publish the results in the Spring and as I said earlier it will inform my thinking about our priorities for the next few years.


In advance, thank you for your help.  The link to the questionnaire be found below and there is a paper version for those unable to access the digital version: leave a message with name and address for Chris Smith our Director of Communications on 02394 216496. 


Bishop of Portsmouth

Link to the Questionnaire