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Collection for  Vocations

Without priests, the Church would be without the Sacraments: there would be no Church at all. 

We are blessed to have eleven men currently in formation for the priesthood, who have generously given their lives in response to God's call. We have accepted four more men to start formation in September. It costs £85 per day, (£30,000 a year) to train one seminarian, and priestly formation can take up to seven years. 

If you would like to ensure the future of the Church in our Diocese, please consider donating to support the training of our future priests. We thank you in advance for any donation you may make.

Life in The Seminary

Priest School

Life in Seminary is full of  challenges, but also full of Joy! BBC Scotland recently charted a year in the life of the Pontifical Scots College in Rome (a sister Seminary to the Venerable English College: at which three of our young men are currently training). This documentary, Priest School, charts all the joys and struggles of the modern Seminarian.

To catch this documentary, and find out about life in Seminary, visit the BBC iPlayer page here >

The Priesthood

A Vocation of Service

The priest is a man called by God to be an alter Christus (another Christ) - to be for his flock the Good shepherd who teaches the people right doctrine and nourishes them on the Holy Sacraments. The Archdiocese of Milwaukee USA has put together this wonderful video from the writings of the Curé of Ars on the vital role of the priest in the Church.

Pray for Our Seminarians

Heavenly Father,
Your Divine Son taught us to pray to the Lord of the harvest to send labourers into His vineyard. We ask You to bless our Diocese with selfless hearts that are willing to serve Your Church.
Lord Jesus,
Raise up from our homes those called by Your Father; courageous and humble men to the Priesthood, generous servants to the Permanent Diaconate, faithful people to Consecrated Life, and holy men & women to the Sacrament of Marriage.
Holy Spirit,
Help us to live our universal vocation to holiness, by listening to the Father’s voice and responding with sacrificial love. Grant, also, that each particular vocation may serve to the others as an example of Christ’s love. May our lives always be centred on Our Lord in the Eucharist, and may we be devoted sons & daughters of Mary, our Mother, in making You known and loved.
Holy Mary,
Model of Vocations, teach us to hear and follow Your Son. Holy Mary, Queen of Priests, sanctify our priests and obtain for us many more. Holy Mary, Mother of the Church, pray for our families and intercede for our children. Amen.

Messages From Our Seminarians

Anthony Fyk

Venerable English College, Rome

Thank you very much for your continuous support. It is gratefully appreciated. I look forward serving the People of God in the Diocese of Portsmouth

James Lewis

Allen Hall, London

Invest in people. Invest in the future of the Church. Giving one’s life completely to the Lord in any religious vocation takes time to deepen and grow for the ultimate ‘yes’ of a person to be rooted in truth and love. I now understand more fully why seminary formation is normally 6 or 7 years!

Paul Nwune

St John's Seminary, Wonersh

It is amazing to be in seminary where we are formed to be like Jesus, and to bring good news to the people of God. Within the time I have been in formation, I have found life in the seminary has been awesome and enriching for me.

Edward Hauschild

Venerable English College, Rome

It is a blessing to be studying in the cradle of the Christian church; where so many martyrs shed their blood for the Faith, witnessing to the resurrection of Jesus Christ! It is a special privilege to be so close to the Holy Father, the successor of Peter.

Ambrose Chou

St Mary's College, Oscott

I’m so grateful for the opportunities and experiences, for being able to encounter God through all the people I meet, growing in love and in my relationship with God and growing with God’s people

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If you want to find out more about priestly vocations, visit the dedicated priestly vocations page on this website or our dedicated Vocations Portsmouth website: