Breda Mahony
April 21st, 2022

Parish Unsung Heroes: Breda Mahony – Winchester Street Pastor

We launch a new Diocesan series for the website called, “Parish Unsung Heroes,” based on people who do things which demonstrate all the good things our faith stands for and live the Gospel in action. The rest of their Parish may not even know about it.

We hope you enjoy reading their own accounts as to why they belong to their chosen group and hope that it may encourage others to join them. So, we are delighted to introduce our first Parish Unsung hero, Breda Mahony, who recently talked about her role on BBC Songs of Praise.

Your name

Breda Mahony

What is your Parish?

St Peter and the Winchester Martyrs

What organisation do you support?

Street Pastors – Winchester

Where is it based?

St Peter’s Pastors Centre, Winchester

What do they do?

Street Pastors engage with people on the streets in cities and towns around the country. We care for them, listen to them, and help them, making sure however not to preach or judge. We work together with other parties in the night-time economy to make the community safer.

Why did you choose to join them?

I believe in the ethos of the street Pastors, and I like working in a team and network  formed from many Christian churches.                     

How long have you been involved with the organisation?

Five years.     

What is your role?

I am a member of a seven-member team, who go out onto the street interacting with the community and I use my first aid skills to help, when necessary. As street pastors, we come across the hidden side of rough sleepers, beggars, and people who have drunk too much and find themselves in difficulty.

The help and support we offer ranges from the practical, for example:

  • Providing hot drinks,
  • Handing out flip-flops to girls no longer able to wear their high heels and
  • Picking up broken glass to prevent injury

To the emotional:

  • We listen to all who want to talk about a wide range of personal and religious issues. We do not preach, but we do spread the gospel through our actions

Do you need any specialist skills or training?

You need to be at least 18 years old. The Street Pastors provide all training required, including a DBS check. A natural inclination to help people and enjoyment of working in a team is desirable.

How often do you do this?

Once a month, for an evening lasting from 10pm to 3am the following morning.     We operate in mixed male and female teams of not less than five people per team, and we are on the streets of winchester every Friday and Saturday night throughout the year.

What do you enjoy about doing this?

I enjoy working with a mixed group of interdenominational Christians, also I enjoy helping people in a practical way to stay safe: using my listening and communication skills.

If you had one wish to help this organisation, what would it be?         

To have Street Pastors in every town and city.

How can others join or help your organisation (please include contact details and website if they have one)?

Full details can be found at:

We congratulate Breda on her work and wish her continued success.  If you know someone in your parish who is a Parish Unsung hero, like Breda, living the Gospel in action, please contact