Spiritual Formation

The Spiritual Formation Team aims to inspire and teach people to pray, in order to help people to develop and deepen a personal, passionate relationship with Jesus Christ. We offer a large network of qualified Spiritual Directors and Retreat Leaders (lay, religious and ordained) to accompany people on their spiritual journeys. We aim to encourage a deeper appreciation of the main schools of Catholic Spirituality, including Ignatian (Jesuit), Benedictine, Carmelite, Franciscan, Dominican and Montfortian. And we seek to foster in individuals and communities a knowledge and love of Sacred Scripture and the practice of Lectio Divina, as well as Eucharistic Adoration.

For any inquiries around Spiritual Formation, get in touch.

Spiritual Direction

Spiritual Direction has been an important part of Christianity (and other spiritual traditions) since the very early days of the Church and remains a key part of Christian living as many people seek guidance and accompaniment on their spiritual journey.


A Spiritual Director will help you to reflect on your life and experience in a prayerful atmosphere and help you to discern God’s presence, and how you might become more open to this. There are times in our lives when we all feel the need for support or guidance, whether due to bereavement or some other kind of loss, difficulties in relationships, challenges in faith, or simply seeking a way of prayer that works for you, given how your life is at the present time. A Spiritual Director will “meet” you wherever you are on your spiritual journey, and help you to move forward with the Lord. Spiritual Directors come from all walks of life. They are trained and qualified, and may be ordained, lay or from a religious order. Meetings with a Spiritual Director are always strictly confidential. The frequency of these meetings is determined by you and your director. If you would like to find a Spiritual Director or wish to ask any questions about Spiritual Direction, please contact us.


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