Consecrated Single Life

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In the Church everyone is called to holiness, according to the saying of the Apostle: For this is the will of God, your sanctification

Lumen Gentium 39

About the Single Life

Being single is what we’re all born into. Some people choose to stay single. Others choose to marry, become a Priest or join a Religious community.


When we are single, we hear our call to holiness as baptised people.  The natural desire to marry and have a family leads most Christians to marriage as their chosen state of life. 

Some people like the independence of the single life. As Fr Stephen Wang writes, 'Your work, your study, your friendships, your care for your family, your service to others - these are all areas of life in which you are meeting Christ and bringing his love to others.'

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Consecrated Single Life

The Church offers affirmation to those who choose to be single. This can be found in the local parish community.  Some single lay people lead lives of outstanding service to their local community.

There are communities who support lay members who have committed to lead the single life, some living in community and some on their own.

To embrace the single life as a lay person in a lifelong commitment is sometimes called apostolic celibacy. Although there is not a formal confirmation process as for other vocations, this is a real vocation and is of increasing significance in the life of the Church.