By Madeleine Strezynski - July 11th, 2023 | Posted in News No comments

An exciting opportunity has arisen for UK Catholics today, following the release of a unique invitation to engage with the eminent evangelist, speaker and author, Sherry Weddell.

The best-selling writer will address Catholics in November, during a major online event, organised by the Diocese of Portsmouth and the Catholic Bishops’ Conference of England and Wales.

Weddell will speak on November 21st at 6pm during an online seminar entitled, ‘Accompanying the Non-Religious Person in Day-to-Day Life,’ sharing her ideas and inspiration on how Catholics can fulfil their mission to bring everyone to Christ.

Following the launch of the seminar today, Bishop Philip Egan of Portsmouth, said: “Sherry Weddell’s virtual visit to UK Catholics is an exceptional opportunity to engage with one of the leading evangelists of our time.

“In our daily lives, we encounter so many people who do not know Christ and it is our duty as Catholics to encourage and accompany them but often we are not sure how to do this effectively.

“I hope and pray that this seminar will reenergise Catholics to truly be strong missionary disciples.”

The prominent US speaker will be joined by the national coordinator of Divine Renovation UK, Hannah Vaughan Spruce, who will chair the event.

If you are interested in attending the event, tickets will be priced at £10 and are on sale here. A small number of bursaries are available for those on limited income: email to find out more.

The seminar is particularly relevant to people who are active in evangelisation such as priests, deacons, religious, catechists, teachers, pastoral ministers and parishioners.

Sherry Weddell is co-founder and co-Director of the Catherine of Siena Institute. Her ground-breaking book, Forming Intentional Disciples has sold over 150,000 copies. She has since released two further books: Becoming a Parish of Intentional Disciples and Fruitful Discipleship: Living the Mission of Jesus in the Church and in the World.