By Carolyn Owens - June 22nd, 2023 | Posted in News No comments

Havant Passion Play (HPP) is seeking the right person to play the part of Jesus in its outdoor performances in Staunton Country Park this summer.

The production company is made up of amateur actors from several local churches around Havant, and has previously staged Passion Plays in Havant Park in 2015, 2017 and 2019. The company did have a professional actor lined up to take the role but he has had to accept other paid work… leaving a search for the right person to play Jesus.

Plans are well advanced for this new production by HPP, which will take place in a new venue – Staunton Country Park, in Leigh Park. Some of the performances will be ‘promenade’ performances, with the actors leading the audience through the grounds of the park. Others will be static. They will take place daily from August 15-20.

The company’s director is professional actor and director James Burke-Dunsmore, who for many years portrayed Jesus each Good Friday in Trafalgar Square, and also at summer productions of ‘The Life of Christ’ in the Wintershall estate near Guildford. James also played the role of Jesus in Havant Passion Plays in 2015, 2017 and 2019, but retired from the role last year.

The funding for the production is in place and a cast of over 40 local people has been assembled. All that is missing now is a Jesus…..

Carolyn Owens, head of productions at HPP, said “We see this as a fabulous opportunity for a skilled local actor to take on a great role, playing Jesus. We would love to discover a hidden talent within our local area. We feel certain that the right person is out there.”

There will be an audition process and interested actors should contact HPP as soon as possible. Rehearsals begin on July 2nd. Anyone interested should contact Havant Passion Play on