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Disclosure and Barring Service
DBS Applications

The DBS has issued new forms that must be completed when undertaking a DBS check with a parish volunteer.  There are also helpful guidance notes to assist applicants in completing the forms and ensuring they have the identity documents required to progress the check.  If you have any previous version (dated December 2019) please destroy these.  Please click below to download current versions of:


DBS Update Service

We are also encouraging all volunteers to register with the update service.  This service is free and will assist in streamlining the process when rechecks are required.  If volunteers complete the consent form below, we will register them as we are processing their DBS check.


Need to get in touch about a safeguarding issue? Contact our Safeguarding team below.

Safeguarding support and victim/survivor services

Quick Guide to DBS checks for psm's

Please click here to access the national safeguarding poster to be displayed within your parishes and church communities.  Please edit the poster, adding the name and contact details for the Parish Safeguarding Minister.


Safe Spaces is a free, independent support service, providing a confidential, personal and safe space for anyone who has been abused by someone in the church or as a result of their relationship with the Catholic Church of England and Wales, the Church of England or the Church in Wales.


Please see below to access promotional materials regarding Safe Spaces for display within our parishes and church communities.

Safe Spaces Leaflet.   A5 Leaflet.    3 Way Leaflet.

Safe Spaces Poster. Version 1. Version 2 .

To support your in your role as PSM’s whilst we adapt to the new way of working with volunteers at a parish level, we have produced a quick guide.  You can access the guide below and are encouraged to read and save a copy for your future reference.

DBS Identity Checking

The below link is to the DBS ID checking guidelines.  We know this can be a complex area and the guidance from the government will assist you in your roles, providing relevant detail.


ID checking guidelines for standard/enhanced DBS check applications from 3 September 2018 - GOV.UK (

DBS Eligibility Tool

If you are approached in relation to a new group/initiative starting in your parish – we would ask that you contact the safeguarding office for advice and support on this.  You can also use the DBS eligibility tool to determine whether the roles identified are eligible for a check.  A link to the tool is below:


Find out which DBS check is right for your employee - GOV.UK (

DBS Levels of Check

For information, we only undertake Enhanced DBS checks in the Diocese.  Below is a link to the info specifically about enhanced checks and what constitutes regulated activity.


Eligibility guidance for enhanced DBS checks - GOV.UK ( 

Volunteer Recruitment

Please see below forms required for recruitment of volunteers within your parish:


DBS1 – Volunteer Registration form

DBS2 – Volunteer Reference request


Once a volunteer has completed the initial recruitment process (registration form, receipt of 2 satisfactory references and offer for role made) where it is a role with DBS eligibility, the applicant should be requested to complete the DBS forms required and make an appointment with the Parish Safeguarding Minister for ID verification to be undertaken. 


More about the DBS process can be found under the DBS applications section – Quick Guide to DBS Checks for PSM’s.

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