April 5th, 2023

Human beings have an “amazing ability” to begin again, the Catholic Bishop of Portsmouth Philip Egan will say in his Easter message at services over this Easter period.

“As human beings, we have an amazing ability to begin again and to persevere at all costs,” he writes. “My grandma once suffered a terrible stroke, but with the help of doctors and physios, she eventually got back almost all her faculties.

“Today’s world is full of difficult challenges and appalling tragedies: think of the war in Ukraine. We also face much in our own lives. It might be tempting to despair. Yet this is exactly why the message of new hope and life that the risen Christ brings is needed. We do not have to be confined by darkness: God offers us His light to pick us up and help us on our way.”

He will conclude by saying that he wished that people’s lives would be filled with happiness through coming to know Jesus Christ.

“Many people saw Jesus after His resurrection and the Bible assures us that we too can meet Him today. Then in our turn, we will become living witnesses of His joy, peace and love, and thus bring hope to others, especially those in need. I pray this Easter you will meet the risen Lord in your prayer and in your life and thus be filled with happiness.

“I send greetings and kind wishes to all, on this Easter Sunday.”