April 21st, 2022

“It is shocking that the House of Lords have supported an amendment that will end
the lives of innocent unborn children, with total disregard for the health of those
women using this system. I urge all MP’s in the House of Commons to reject this bill
and protect the sanctity of human life”, said Bishop Philip Egan.

Bishop of the Catholic Diocese of Portsmouth, Philip Egan stands with the many
concerned people who have expressed dismay that the House of Lords have voted
through an amendment that would reintroduce the controversial pills by post abortion

Peers voted for an amendment to the Healthcare bill introduced by Baroness Sugg
by 75 to 35 in the early hours of Thursday morning.

The next reading of the Bill is expected on 23rd March 2022.

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Notes for Editors:
• The pills by post scheme allows people to obtain these tablets without seeking
medical advice.
• The Society for the Protection of Unborn Children (SPUC) is the oldest pro-life
campaigning and educational organisation in the world.
• SPUC campaigns to end abortion and advocates the need for a consistent life
ethic – one that values the lives of all human beings.
• Further information on the work of SPUC can be found at:

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