Pastoral Letters

A Massive Spiritual Battle

13 March 2022

A Lenten Spiritual Battle

'Come Back to Me'

13 September 2020

Returning to Church


6 October 2019

On the Mission of Catholic University Chaplaincies

People of Life

15 April 2018

On the dignity of Human Life

The Sacrament of the Holy Spirit

15 January 2017

On 'the Sacrament of the Holy Spirit'

The Sacrament of God's Mercy

14 February 2016

On the Sacrament of Reconciliation

Church Social Teaching

14 June 2015

On 'the Church's best-kept secret'

The Sacred Heart of Jesus

29 June 2014

On the Sacred Heart and the New Evangelisation

Christ's Church

29 September 2013

On Christ's Body

Holy Family

30 December 2012

On 'Jesus Christ: the perfect human'

God's Creation

7 November 2021

God's Creation

Letter to Guernsey

7 June 2020

On proposed changes to Guernsey's Abortion Law

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Verbum Dei

26 May 2019

On the Word of God

Bringing People to Jesus through His Church

24 September 2017

On the Mission of the Diocese

The Future of our Catholic Schools

2 October 2016

On our Catholic Schools

The Mission of Family

27 December 2015

On the Mission of the Family

Mary's Husband

18 January 2015

On Saint Joseph

Sin, Lent, Redemption

23 March 2014

On 'Sin, Lent, Redemption'

Most Holy Trinity

26 May 2013

On The Third Person of the Trinity

Year of Faith

7 October 2012

On the Year of Faith

An Invitation

6 June 2021

Year of the Eucharist



On the Coronavirus Pandemic


24 February 2019

On the Ministry of Healing

God is Calling You

14 May 2017

On Vocations

Getting Married

10 July 2016

On Marriage

God's Mercy

15 November 2015

On God's Mercy

The Blessed Mother

26 October 2014

On Sharing the Joy of the Gospel

Becoming a Missionary Disciple

12 January 2014

On Becoming Missionary Disciples

God's Existence - Our Happiness

10 March 2013

On 'God's Existence: Our Happiness'

Episcopal Ordination Address

24 September 2012

Bishop Philip's address to the diocese on the day of his consecration as a Bishop.

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