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Information for Parishes

Instructions for Priests:

Following the Bishop's decree (available here) Parish priests should take the following steps:

  1. Indefinitely suspend all Public Masses and Community Events from Friday 20th March, encouraging the faithful to make use of the spiritual resources available to them. Put signs on the doors of the Church and on websites/social media pages to let people know about the suspension and closure of churches.

  2. Indefinitely suspend all common devotions (e.g. Rosary, Stations of the Cross) whilst encouraging the faithful to perform these devotions individually.

  3. Postpone (where possible) all Baptisms, Weddings, and Requiem Masses.

  4. Postpone any planned First Holy Communion and Confirmation Masses

  5. Remove Holy Water from the stoups and fonts in their churches

  6. Cease using hymn books, shared missals, and collection plates

  7. End any veneration of relics, the cross, statues, and icons by kissing or touch

What can we do?

Although our public Masses and community events must be cancelled, there is still much the Church can do to accompany people during these difficult times:

  • Continue taking communion to the sick in emergencies - making sure to follow the hygiene instructions in the Bishop's decree

  • Continue saying your daily Masses especially offered for the end of this pandemic (these should be offered in private)

  • Continue funeral liturgies at the gravesides and the crematoria, subject to government restrictions.

Essential Documents

Parish Fundraising: Add your parish to Everyclick

Advice for parishes where the administrator is self-isolating

Advice for parishes regarding Seminarians resident in the parish

Advice regarding clergy visiting hospitals

Advice for clergy regarding their own self-isolation



Safeguarding documents:

Prayer ministry operating policy

Healing & Deliverance norms

NCSC Guidance - Ministry of Healing



We've created a Facebook page, so parishes can share the initiatives they've come up with to support those in isolation over the coming months. Just click the link below:



An excellent initiative to support neighbors who are self-isolating, offering support using small printable cards.

Divine Renovation

Download the divine renovation kit by filling in the form below, or by visiting the divine renovation website


More resources for Parishes will be added in the coming days and weeks.