The Vocation to Marriage

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All God’s people are called to holiness, and that holiness is available to all in and through their particular vocations. The Church teaches that married couples and Christian parents should follow their own proper path to holiness by faithful love and sustaining one another in grace throughout their lives. The call to love is central to marriage as a sacrament.  The call to love is the heart of marriage as a vocation.

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Marriage Preparation


The Marriage & Family Life team is committed to supporting marriages in the diocese. A big part of this is running marriage preparation courses, drawing from the wisdom of mentor couples.

'We're really enjoying our marriage preparation course. It's good to be part of a group in similar situations to us and to be able to relate to 'everyday life' as a couple. The course has encouraged us to open up more about our feelings and priorities what really matters in our lives - Each other.'

Natural Family Planning


Thanks to the many fertility apps available, contemporary families have countless choices. Our fertility awareness scheme on offer is an opportunity for couples to understand further the physiology of their bodies, in the joy of the total gift of self, in marriage.


The scientifically proven methods proposed to couples to plan their families are being used successfully by many families and being increasingly sought after, for health reasons amongst others. The initiative proposed here simply adds to the many choices already available which allows families to make informed decisions.

Marriage Enrichment


The frightening prevalence of divorce and family breakdown in our society draws attention to the critical need for Marriage Enrichment.


Marriage Enrichment is available in many forms. For example: 



(Loving4Life, Marriage Encounter)

Ongoing Formation

(Two in One Flesh)

Support groups

(Teams of Our Lady, Couples for Christ)


Scripture calls us to petition the Lord to protect our marriages.

Catholic Grandparents


The clarion call sounds for catholic grandparents in the Portsmouth diocese, to unite in prayer for their grandchildren, both near and far. The miracles and successes of parishes where the CGA is already established, is a treasure to be both celebrated and emulated.


'Our grandchildren are so in need of prayers because a whole generation has slipped through the net.  I pray with others to be together in one mind and heart. This is so needed as so many have wandered from the Truth and there’s so much pointing them in the wrong direction.'

Events for Catholic Grandparents

We want to encourage other grandparents in the Diocese to join in these ongoing prayers for all the grandchildren in the Diocese. Here are all the ongoing groups:

St Colman’s, Cosham
2nd Tuesday of the month
After 9.15am Mass

Holy Family, Southampton
2nd Saturday of the month


St John’s Cathedral, Portsmouth
2nd Wednesday of the Month
After 12.15pm Mass

St Joseph's,  Southampton
3rd Thursday of the Month
Before the 12pm Mass

St Michael & All Angels, Leigh Park
2nd Tuesday of the month
After 10am Mass