What Is 'Living Our Faith'?

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The Diocese of Portsmouth serves the spiritual and pastoral needs of more than 190,000 Catholics across 93 parishes. For 125 years, it has ministered to the need of God’s people and we are continuing to see growth and change across our 24 pastoral areas. Bishop Crispian, after much prayer and consultation, made the decision to embark on a historic endeavor to address the challenges we are facing to help and ensure our Diocese will continue to flourish for generations to come. Living Our Faith will enable our Church to continue to serve its people.

The Purpose of 'Living Our Faith'


Invest in the Clergy

Invest in clergy and encourage vocations, ensuring resources for the development and formation of men called to priestly ministry in our pastoral areas.


Provide for Parishes

Provide for specific local parish needs, through a generous sharing formula

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Assist lay formation

Assist  with Lay Formation and encourage volunteers to evangelize in our local parishes and pastoral areas.


The Committee

A special “Impact Committee” of clergy and lay people will monitor the expenditure of funds.


Renew Parishes

Renew parish facilities by providing loans and grants. We face major challenges to the physical upkeep of our churches.


News Updates

Watch this space for updates on the good work funded through 'Living Our Faith'

Make a Pledge

Already, many families have made generous pledges to the campaign. To continue this success it is important that  all our parishioners continue to contribute, either by downloading the mail-in form or by donating directly using our donation link.

Please post the form to:
Living Our Faith Office,
St Edmund House, Bishop Crispian Way, Portsmouth, PO1 3QA
Tel: 023 9283 6518

Thank you for your generosity!


Will My Gift Remain Confidential?

Yes, the only persons knowing your pledge information are the parish priest, Local Parish Living Our Faith administrator and the Living Our Faith administrator in the Diocesan Finance Office in Portsmouth. These have been instructed to keep all information confidential.

Can Legacy Gifts be made to the Campaign?

Yes, if a parishioner offers a planned gift, then please contact the Living Our Faith administrator in the Diocesan Finance Office in Portsmouth. Telephone 023 9283 6518

Can the Diocese reclaim tax on my donation?

Yes we can. If you are a taxpayer, then by making a Gift Aid declaration for your donation, the Parish can reclaim the basic rate of tax you have already paid on your income. It’s simple and costs you nothing.

What if my financial situation changes and I am unable to fulfil my pledge?

Your pledge to support Living Our Faith is made in good faith. Should financial difficulties arise, making it impossible for you to continue your payments, please notify the Living Our Faith office to this effect.


How should payments be made?

A parishioner may choose to pay on their pledge monthly, quarterly, twice annually or annually. While over 85% of parishioners set up direct debit, some prefer to write cheques; the Living Our Faith office will send reminders according to your chosen schedule. Payments should be made to Living Our Faith and should not be made to the parish.


Who can I contact if I have any queries about payments or the gift aid on my pledge?

Please contact: Living Our Faith Office, St Edmund House, Bishop Crispian Way, Portsmouth, PO1 3QA Tel: 023 9283 6518.