Directory of Deacons

This is the directory of all Permanent Deacons living in the Diocese of Portsmouth, organised by surname. Deacons from other dioceses living or working in Portsmouth have the name of that diocese in brackets after their name. Search below to contact our Deacons:

Rev Craig Aburn
Rev Bob Birtles
Rev Steven Bowler
Rev Kim Cabatana
Rev David Cahill
Rev Anthony Cairns
Rev Roger Carr-Jones
Rev Andrew Carter
Rev Gregory Cook
Rev Keith Crocker
Rev John Cumpsty
Rev Gerard Dailly
Rev Anthony Darroch
Rev John di Meo
Rev Antonio D'Mello
Rev Paul Evans
Rev Brendan Flaxman
Rev John Foley
Rev Michael Jackson
Rev Barry Jennings
Rev Tom Jose
Rev Peter Kelly
Rev Nicholas Le Cornu
Rev Mark Leightley
Rev Aidan Lynch (Arundel & Brighton)
Rev Iain MacFirbhisigh
Rev Gary May
Rev Martin McElroy
Rev Kevin McKevitt
Rev Peter McWilliam (Plymouth)
Rev Dr Stephen Morgan
Rev Larry Murawski
Rev Benigus Ndubuisi (Armagh)
Rev Patrick O'Connell
Rev Nicholas O'Neill
Rev Paul Owen
Rev Paul Page-Tickell
Rev Hugh Parry
Rev Andrew Philpott
Rev Paul Pole-Baker
Rev Nick Reynolds
Rev Michael Short
Rev Stephen Short
Rev Peter Silsbury
Rev James Snyder
Rev Ian Tobin
Rev Christopher Walters
Rev Anthony Ward (Southwark)
Rev Tony Ward
Rev Michael Welch
Rev Paul Wilson (Nottingham)
Rev George Young