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You will be My Witnesses

You will be My Witnesses

As the draft of the new diocesan Mission Strategy document is published, called You will be My Witnesses, I wish to hear what you think and how you can be involved.

Over the last three years, after various consultations and discussions with clergy and with the laity, I am happy to present to you the draft version of our 10-year mission plan, called You will be my Witnesses. You can read it and download a copy from the diocesan website here. If you spot anything that needs correcting, improving or developing, you can email the planning team by using a special email address: Over the next weeks and months, I have asked our clergy to discuss widely the plan, especially with groups such as Parish Councils, Finance Committees and Evangelisation Strategy Teams and, in whatever way might be best locally, with the wider parish community. There also need to be discussions at Pastoral Area level too. In September, the planning team will provide for easy distribution a shorter version of the Mission Plan in printed form. There is also a feedback proforma which can be downloaded here. The proforma is designed to guide a discussion through the main document so that the feedback can be easily organised. The temptation will be to focus on the last section, which is about structural change, but we need to bear in mind that without the structural change we will not have the resources, energy or capacity to undertake the mission! The key message of You will be My Witnesses is the need for personal conversion and holiness of life. Feedbacks can be made to the special email address but must be submitted by the cut-off date of 15th December. The aim is that in the New Year, the (new) Pastoral Areas can begin developing local plans.

Let us pray for the gifts of the Holy Spirit so that the many discussions that will take place over the next months will be fruitful in guiding us along the way ahead and helping us bring People closer to Jesus Christ through His Church.