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Winchester Catholic History Society

Winchester Catholic History Society

An invitation to join the Winchester Catholic History Society tomorrow evening, Wednesday 13th April when Professor Andrew Bradstock of the University of Winchester will be speaking on ‘Better Together: The Sheppard-Worlock Partnership & Its Impact’. Professor Bradstock’s book, ‘Batting for the Poor’, is the authorised biography of Bishop David Sheppard.

David Sheppard was a fine cricketer.  He played for Cambridge University, Sussex and England.  He had 22 caps for England  between 1950 and 1963 and was captain twice. But his lasting achievements were made far away from the game. He devoted himself to the Church and studied at Ridley Hall, Cambridge.  David Sheppard was ordained in 1955 and became the Anglican Bishop of Liverpool in 1975. Archbishop Derek Worlock was Bishop of Portsmouth from 1965 until 1976 when he became Archbishop of Liverpool.  He grew up in Winchester, was a student at St Edmund’s College and was ordained in 1944.

The relationship between David Sheppard, The Anglican Bishop, and Derek Worlock the Roman Catholic Archbishop is both well known and legendary.   There was a genuine friendship and belief that the people of Liverpool would be more effectively helped by them working together to assist the poor and marginalised of society.  They lobbied and met government ministers, trade unionists, the city councillors and private business. During their twenty years together in Liverpool Archbishop Derek Worlock and Bishop David Sheppard created an unique, prophetic model of ecumenism which transformed their churches and adopted city.    Andrew Bradstock explores the dynamics of the Bishops’ relationship and offers a critical assessment of their legacy to both the Church and the City of Liverpool.

Visitors most welcome – Wednesday 13 April 6.30 pm at the Parish Centre, Jewry Street, Winchester, SO23 8RY.  Parking at the former Discovery Centre car park in Jewry Street, SO23 8SB. Visit the Society’s website or e-mail: