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Visit of the Relics of St. Bernadette

Visit of the Relics of St. Bernadette

This week I am very much looking forward to welcoming the relics of St Bernadette of Lourdes to our Cathedral. I warmly invite everyone from across our Diocese to share with me the joys of Lourdes here in our Cathedral – the whole 24 hours will be livestreamed on the Cathedral website.

St Bernadette’s relics will arrive at the Cathedral early on Thursday 8th September and will be available for Veneration following the 10am Liturgy of Welcome.  Throughout the day prayers will be offered including the Rosary. Click here for the full timetable. I will celebrate Mass of the Anointing of the Sick at 16:30, I hope as many of you as can will attend this Mass but we do ask that if it is possible you contact to let them know you will be coming so we can make appropriate arrangements, it is essential that you email to book a place if you wish to be anointed.

Similarly, later in the evening there will be vespers and in the true tradition of Lourdes a torchlight procession we ask that you are in you seat by 6:45pm and if possible you contact to let us know you will be coming.  The procession will lead us to the new grotto to Our Lady of Lourdes that has been built in the grounds of the Cathedral as a memorial of this historic event. Consequently, parking in the Cathedral Carpark after 6pm will be very limited and reserved to those with mobility issues. You will find alternative parking in many places close to the Cathedral here.

After the torchlit procession the Cathedral will become a much quieter place of contemplative prayer offering the opportunity to participate in an all-night vigil of veneration and prayer.  We hope that many of you will be able to spend time with St Bernadette throughout the night, the live stream will remain for those who wish to join in from home.  To ensure that a safe presence is maintained at all times it would be much appreciated if you could email your name, and the time that you intend to visit to

During this 24 hours of prayer, vigil and pilgrimage I invite you to join me in asking for the intercession of St Bernadette for all the intentions we hold across the diocese but especially for the sick, that together we will all receive the healing we need and that we will grow in our faith and love of Christ and his Church.

So in summary, the schedule for the visit is as follows:

10.00am         WELCOME LITURGY
10.45am         Veneration of The Relics
11.30am         LITURGY FOR SCHOOLS
12.30pm         Veneration of The Relics
1.30pm           Rosary and Veneration of The Relics
2.30pm           Veneration of The Relics
3.00pm           Rosary and Veneration of The Relics
4.00pm           Veneration of The Relics
6.00pm           Veneration of The Relics
8.00pm           Veneration of The Relics
8.30pm           Rosary and Veneration of The Relics
9.30pm           Veneration of The Relics
10.00pm         Night Prayer

7.00am           EARLY MORNING MASS
8.00am           Veneration of The Relics
9.00am           FAREWELL MASS
10.00am         Relics Depart