ss timothy and titus

SS. Timothy and Titus, Young Disciples of St. Paul

SS. Timothy and Titus, Young Disciples of St. Paul

This Friday, 26th January, is the Memorial of two young disciples of St. Paul, both mentioned in the New Testament and both recipients of Letters from their master: St. Timothy and St. Titus. Timothy came from Lystra and as a young man studied Scripture; after his conversion to Christianity, he became the companion and at times the representative of St. Paul, who sent him to visit the Churches in Thessalonica, Corinth and Ephesus. He was the first bishop of Ephesus and in his two Letters, Paul directed him to correct those who were changing the original doctrines. He also asked him to appoint more bishops and deacons. He was said to have been martyred by stoning and beating in 97 AD. Titus was of Gentile origin and became Paul’s companion and secretary. He took part in the Council of Jerusalem in 49 AD and was sent by Paul initially to Corinth and then to Crete, where he became its first bishop. In his Letter to Titus, St. Paul instructs him to ordain priests and to govern with firmness.

Let us ask the prayers of SS. Timothy and Titus today for the Church in our land and for the work of new evangelisation to which we are called.

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