Rite of Election

Rite of Election

On Saturday 17th February 2024 at 11 am you are invited to join us for The Rite of Election and Call to Continuing Conversion, here in St John’s Cathedral, Portsmouth. We are pleased to share with you information about this year’s Rite of Election for catechumens preparing to be initiated as Christians in the Roman Catholic Church and Call to Continuing Conversion for candidates – baptised Christians who are to be received into the full Communion of the Roman Catholic Church. At the Rite of Election, the Bishop, in the name of the whole Church, summons the catechumens to the Easter sacraments. In the same liturgy, he acknowledges the desire of those already baptised to be sealed with the gift of the Holy Spirit in the Sacrament of Confirmation, and to share in the Eucharist.

Two forms need to be completed and returned as soon as possible to prepare for the Rite of Election: ask your priest or catechist. Form 1 is Request for permission to baptism or to receive a person above the age of reason. This form must be returned directly to the Chancellor: Rev Steven Restori by e-mail or post. Form 2 is to be completed online before the Rite of Election by the priest or catechist coordinating the catechumens and candidates. It must be submitted by Friday 9th February 2024. On the day, all catechumens and candidates must register in the Cathedral Discovery Centre between 9:30am and 10:30am, along with their godparents / sponsors. It is essential for each catechumen or candidate to be accompanied by a godparent or a sponsor. The catechumens and candidates, with their godparents and sponsors will be seated in the front benches of the Cathedral during the ceremony. The catechumens will be on one side, and the candidates on the other. During the ceremony, the catechumens will be called, and their names enrolled in the Book of the Elect. The catechumens will be presented to Bishop Philip by their godparents. The candidates in their turn will be presented to Bishop Philip by their sponsors.

We wish you every blessing as you accompany your catechumens and candidates on their journey of faith.