Coronation of Mary

Queen of Heaven – A Poem for May

Queen of Heaven – A Poem for May

As we journey through Mary’s Month of May, we begin a series of Marian poems, beginning with Queen of Heaven by Peter Ransom of Ryde…

Our Lady, heart and soul of true perfection
Lived and died the Immaculate Conception
Virgin most pure blessed mother
Bearer of Christ our good brother
A girl who said thy will be done
And then you conceived God the Son
A blest virgin mother supreme
You bore the Son who did redeem
Before your Son you stood resolute
As Jesus died for love absolute
So now you live with him in bliss
And know the love that leads to this
Queen of heaven and now queen of mine
Virgin most pure, who bore the divine

Conceived in your womb was
Christ the King
Born to be a holy offering
Holy mother Virgin most pure
Your redeeming Son is our cure
You lived life in love and hope
When times get hard help me cope