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News from The Marist School, Ascot

News from The Marist School, Ascot

The Marist Sisters, who founded The Marist School in Ascot over 150 years ago, have found a new partner for the school due to the changing demographic of their Congregation. The school will now become part of the new Concept Education Group of schools. At the heart of this is the upholding of the traditional values of the Catholic Faith. Jo Smith, the Principal writes:

Today marks the beginning of a new chapter in our school’s 152-year history as we become part of the Concept Education group of schools. This new partnership is an exciting development for The Marist – one that builds on our many strengths and ensures our current pupils, and those joining in the future, receive the high quality of education that is the hallmark of our school. On a day-to-day basis, there will be very little outward sign of change. I and my leadership team and our staff will remain in charge of the everyday running of the school. Concept Education is a new schools group run by a team of highly respected former independent school headteachers and leaders from the world of education. They are committed to preserving our high standards, our traditions and values as a Catholic school, as well as investing in it financially.

The Marist Sisters founded this school more than 150 years ago. Their faith and ambition to give students an excellent all-round education lie at the heart of the school’s continued success. We are eternally grateful to the generations of Sisters who devoted their lives to making this school what it is today. However, with only two Sisters living here on site and none having taught at the school since 2004, the changing demographic of the Order compelled them to seek a new partner for the school to safeguard its future.

The Marist will remain a Catholic school which welcomes students from other faiths or none. Its logo belongs to the Order of the Marist Sisters and will change in due course once consultations have taken place. We believe that this partnership with Concept, with its emphasis on protecting the school’s heritage and legacy, is in the best interests of our school community. This is a historic change for the school, but one that preserves its identity while allowing it to benefit from the wealth of knowledge and expertise that Concept will bring to The Marist. Given our all-round excellence, as evidenced by our recent excellent rating by Independent Schools Inspectors, Concept views The Marist as its flagship school, setting a benchmark for other schools which will join the group in due course. The Marist has been providing an excellent education for students from Ascot and the surrounding area since it relocated here from Richmond in 1947. With this new partnership I have no doubt that we can look forward to a strong and sustainable future for our wonderful community of parents, students and staff.