Teach us to pray

Invitation to an online Course on Prayer

Invitation to an online Course on Prayer

Allegra Mutanda, Director of Evangelisation and Leadership at St Peter and the Winchester Martyrs will once again be leading her course on prayer themed ‘Lord, teach us to pray’, running online from Monday 15th January 2024 from 7.00-8.30pm…

Pope St John Paul II once said that ‘our Christian communities must become genuine “schools” of prayer, where the meeting with Christ is expressed not just in imploring help but in thanksgiving, praise, adoration, contemplation, listening and ardent devotion, until the heart truly “falls in love” (NMI 33). But we know that prayer can be challenge. How or why do we pray? Through these sessions, we will not only explore different forms of prayer, but we will have the opportunity to practise together that way of praying, helping grow deeper in love with Christ.

These sessions will take place online over seven evenings from Monday, 15th January 2024, 7.00pm-8.30pm. Sessions include how to pray with Scripture, and particularly the Psalms, Intercessory prayer, Silence, and Journaling prayer.  The timing is apt especially as we prepare to enter into a Year of Prayer as announced by Pope Francis and ahead of Lent.

To register for the course, click here.