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Good News from St Teresa’s Wokingham

Good News from St Teresa’s Wokingham

St Teresa’s School in Wokingham share news of celebration and exploration of their cultural diversity…

‘One World Week’ has been a true celebration and exploration of our cultural diversity at St Teresa’s. We kicked off the week with some of our parents from Africa teaching the school how to sing the ‘Our Father’ in Swahili. The whole school then embarked on a journey around the world. Early Years explored Europe; Year 1 and 2 the Americas; Year 3 and 4 Africa and Year 5 and 6 Asia.

It was magical week of activities organised by both staff and parents. The children learnt so much about each continent whilst exploring their geographical features, architecture, cuisine, cultural traditions, lifestyles, and religions. We finished the week with a ‘Gallery presentation’ showcasing all the activities which the children had completed throughout the week. The children took their parents on a tour of the continent they had explored sharing all the new facts and experiences they had received. This week has demonstrated how wonderful it is to be part of such a diverse community. Diversity that we must continue to celebrate as we highlight the importance of sharing our common home together.