cafod family fast day 2024

Family Fast Day is approaching

Family Fast Day is approaching

Christine Allen, Executive Director at CAFOD recently wrote to me reminding us of the importance of supporting this year’s Lent Family Fast Day…

As Lent approaches this year, we are all aware that the cost-of-living crisis weighs heavily on our hearts. I know things are very tough for our church community here in England and Wales. This is a global experience of course – I hear every week from our colleagues and CAFOD’s Church partners worldwide about the profound challenges they face in their countries seeing so many grappling with poverty as they strive to provide for their families while prices of essential goods soar.

The cost-of-living crisis presents a dual challenge. Not only does it affect those we serve but it is impacting CAFOD’s ability to support people and communities during this critical time. I cannot emphasise enough how important the Family Fast Day appeal is to our work, especially at a time when we see the impact of the cost-of-living crisis on our income. Your endorsement of Fast Day amongst parishes and schools in your diocese over the coming weeks is so needed.

CAFOD’s Family Fast Day falls on Friday 23rd February. This Lent, we are sharing the story of our work with a fishing community in Liberia with parishes and schools in England and Wales. Like his apostle namesake, James Pyne is a fisherman by trade, living in New Kru Town, a coastal suburb of Monrovia, Liberia. Many of the fishermen James called his brothers have died at sea, because they didn’t have the right safety equipment. Through our partnership with Caritas Monrovia and the local fishermen, and with the generous support from parishes and schools here, we’ve been able to set up a comprehensive training programme and fund modern equipment, including GPS fishfinders and life jackets, ensuring their safety and improving their catch. James and his crew can now be confident about returning home safely, with enough fish to provide for their families. You can watch the video here.

This is just one example of CAFOD’s work around the world. By remembering our sisters and brothers like James and supporting them through CAFOD’s Lent appeal, Catholics in England and Wales engage in encounters that show the face of Christ. Your endorsement and support for our Lent Appeal is invaluable, encouraging our community to engage with James’ story, give to the Fast Day collection, and take part in the Big Lent Walk with their parish or school as well as remembering CAFOD’s work in their prayers.

Here are some way to support CAFOD this Lent: