evangelii gaudium sunday 2022

Evangelii Gaudium Sunday

Evangelii Gaudium Sunday

Next Sunday, 18th September, has been designated by the Bishops Conference of England and Wales ‘Evangelii Gaudium Sunday.’ It is a day that calls us to be joyous in proclaiming our faith. “Evangelii Gaudium” is Latin for “Joy of the Gospel”. There is a Second Collection to support the work carried out by the Mission Directorate of the Bishops’ Conference in three important areas. Firstly, evangelisation and catechesis. Guided by the Bishops, this work supports the dioceses in bringing the beauty of the Catholic Faith to the people in their parishes, and to those who do not yet know the Lord. Secondly, the beauty of the Liturgy and our church buildings. The Mission directorate ensures that liturgical directives from Rome are acted upon and liturgical texts are translated into English. Historical building experts work in the Directorate and support dioceses to fund and maintain beautiful places for prayer. Thirdly, sharing the beauty of the Catholic faith with Christian and non-Christians through outreach and dialogue. This work supports the bishops at the national level and helps create greater understanding. The directorate also reaches out to those with no faith, but who seek the Lord “with a sincere heart”.

Please support the Mission Directorate through prayer and through giving to the second collection. However much you give, big or small, it will go directly to support these three important areas of work. Thank you. More information can be found here. Here too is a suggested Bidding Prayer: “On this Evangelii Gaudium Sunday we pray for all who are poor in our society; may the decisions which affect their lives be made in the light of the Gospel of justice and compassion.” And another: “For the strength and courage to radiate the joys of the Gospel and to use the good news of the risen Christ to engage with the world around us.”

If you wish to contribute online, you can do so here until Friday 23rd September. Thank you for your support for this appeal over the course of the last year, which raised £7,579.62 across the Diocese in 2020-21!