FHL Christmas Poster

Christmas Crib Collection

Christmas Crib Collection

Bishop Philip has asked that the crib offerings from Christmas will be donated this year to the Friends of the Holy Land (FHL). Thank you for your generous donations this year as our brothers and sisters in Christ are suffering greatly. Click here for a poster to download and display to support the appeal…

While we celebrate the Nativity, Bethlehem in 2023 is in turmoil. All Christmas hotel bookings have been cancelled. Bethlehem has taken down its historic Christmas decorations in solidarity with those suffering, and all the usual celebrations and bazaars have been called off. Even the traditional tree lighting ceremony won’t go ahead this year in Manger Square.

Those suffering from chronic diseases are in a terrible situation, but also food, rent payment, water and electricity are a problem. Many were already poor, they had almost nothing, now they are in absolute destitution,” said Sami El-Yousef, CEO of the Latin Patriarchate.

Overall, the situation for our Christian family in the Holy Land has gone from very difficult to critical, and we face the possibility of the last members of the ancient Christian community leaving the homeland of our faith forever.

The FHL office in Bethlehem and contacts in Gaza, Israel and Jordan are well-placed to get urgent, direct aid to the families across the Holy Land most in need – we’ve done it before and we’re doing it again, powered by your help. After such a major disaster, we know that our aid is going to be needed well into next year as we help the community rebuild and recover.