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Bidding Prayers for the Year of the Holy Spirit

Bidding Prayers for the Year of the Holy Spirit

Over the coming weeks, our Diocesan Director of Liturgical Formation, Fr Anthony Fyk will offer a Bidding Prayer with some catechesis on the suggested prayer petition. During this Year dedicated to the Holy Spirit and in light of our Ten-year pastoral plan, please consider adding these intentions to the Bidding Prayers in your parish…

For the Diocese of Portsmouth – that during this year dedicated to the Holy Spirit, the spirit of wisdom and understanding will keep us one in mind and heart. Lord, in your mercy. Hear our prayer.

Through our Baptism and Confirmation, the gifts of the Holy Spirit were given to us. Although we may not feel them inside ourselves, they give us the ability or power to be more faithful and effective witnesses of Christ to the world. Today we pray for wisdom and understanding. Wisdom helps us to see the world and reality from God’s point of view. Sometimes we view reality or a situation in a narrow or restrictive manner, so wisdom helps see the boarder picture. We view things in terms of eternity and of God’s salvific will. Understanding helps us see the mysteries of faith with more clarity. Elements of our faith are difficult to grasp. Teachings may not always make sense for us. Understanding helps us see our faith with more clarity. Although, we won’t get the full picture on this side of eternity, understanding helps us in our journey of faith. Through wisdom and understanding, we ask that we may be kept one in mind and heart. The Holy Spirit has the role of creating and forming unity. Diversity is important as we have been blessed with different gifts and talents. But being open to the Holy Spirit always us to be one heart and mind. This is important, especially when see division and conflict throughout the world.