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Bidding Prayers for the Year of the Holy Spirit

Bidding Prayers for the Year of the Holy Spirit

Over the coming weeks, our Diocesan Director of Liturgical Formation, Fr Anthony Fyk will offer a Bidding Prayer with some catechesis on the suggested prayer petition. During this Year dedicated to the Holy Spirit and in light of our Ten-year pastoral plan, please consider adding these intentions to the Bidding Prayers in your parish…

For the Diocese of Portsmouth – that during this year dedicated to the Holy Spirit we may grow in right judgement and courage so that we may be strengthened in the years to come. Lord, in your mercy. Hear our prayer.

Today we are specifically praying for right judgement and courage. Right judgement allows us to discern a situation and to choose the good. Daily life involves many different choices. Do I do this? Or do I do that? We need the inspiration of the Holy Spirit to help us make a proper discernment between good and bad. Being enlightened by the Holy Spirit, we are able to choose the good, which is our ultimate happiness and peace, which is God. We need to ask ourselves, what are my motivations or intentions when I choose something. After invoking the Holy Spirit with the discernment process, we need the courage or fortitude to persevere what that decision. The Christian life, or following the way of Christ is not always easy. We will encounter difficulties and discouragements from friends, family and society. The grace of courage or perseverance is important to continue following the way of Christ, regardless of the challenges we face. We may fail at times, but we trust in God, and with his grace, pick ourselves up again. Change can be very difficult at times, and with the Pastoral Plan, You Will be My Witnesses, change and adjustments will occur. So, we ask to be strengthened or fortified during this time of Diocesan renewal so we may trust in God in all aspects of our lives.