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And finally…Where is this?

And finally…Where is this?

How well do you know our diocese? Each week we share a photo from somewhere in the Diocese of Portsmouth. Your challenge is to tell us “where is this?”…

Our challenge for you last time was to identify this distinctive floor tiling which is in the sanctuary of St Thomas’ church in St Helier, Jersey. Congratulations to Deacon Brendan Flaxman, Sarah Pendergast, Cheryl MacFirbhisigh, Delia Hardiman and Alan Hamel who correctly identified it, and thanks to our roving photographer for sharing the photo with us.

This week’s challenge, is to identify this distinctive railing outside a church somewhere else in the Diocese, but where is this? Just email your answer to Deacon Craig by Friday 5th January 2024 for a mention in the next issue.

When you write in with your guess, why not send a photo of a feature from your own church for us to use in a future issue to help readers get to know the diocese better?