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A Letter of Prayer and Solidarity

A Letter of Prayer and Solidarity

Bishop Philip writes…

From a very young age, Blessed Frassati knew the drama of the Great War and declared himself ready to give his life so that the war would end. In 1921 he enthusiastically participated in the newly born Pax Romana organisation, which united university students from different European nations, with the aim of preparing a future in which war would no longer be a reality. Below is a letter that Pier Giorgio wrote on 12th January 1923 to the Catholic students of Bonn on the occasion of the invasion of Germany by the French army and the occupation of the Ruhr. The letter was published in the German daily newspaper Deutsche Reichszeitung. It surely inspires us today to join in the prayers that Blessed Pier Giorgio has made and continues to make for peace, especially to be close to the Ukrainian people at this time.

“In these tragic and painful moments when your country is trampled under foreign feet, while your adversary occupies your hearths as an enemy of your country, we Catholic students send you an expression of our fraternal love. We have no possibility of changing the sad situation, but we feel within ourselves the entire strength of our Christian love which unites us in brotherhood beyond all national boundaries. Governments today are not heeding the Pope’s warning: “True peace is more a fruit of Christian love for one’s neighbour than it is a fruit of justice,” and they are preparing new wars for the future of all humanity. Modern society is drowning in the sorrows of human passions and it is distancing itself from every ideal of love and peace. Catholics, we and you, must bring the breath of goodness that can only spring from faith in Christ. Brethren, in these new trials and terrible griefs, know that the great Christian family is praying for you; act in such a way that your sufferings and trials might become lighter for you to bear. Since peace cannot return to the world without God, at least may you, as men of good will, cherish in your hearts Him Who in the stable was announced by the Angels as the Saviour of Humanity.” (Pier Giorgio Frassati, University Circle Cesare Balbo, Turin, 12th January 1923)