Coronavirus Information


Latest Guidance in Line with the government roadmap

Earlier this week, (19/07/21) the Government relaxed many of the restrictions it put in place because of the pandemic. Even so, the virus continues to be present, and as a Diocese, we will need to continue creating safe environments in our parish churches, so that everyone, particularly the elderly and vulnerable, can visit, participate in Sunday Mass and share in parish life, safely and with confidence.

Clergy and parishioners are encouraged to read the Regulations and Guidance and make mature judgments about how best they are to be applied in particular contexts.

Letter from Bishop Philip

Bishop Egan preaching.jpg

This is why I wish to say to everyone: Now is the time to come back to the Lord to be nourished by His Word and Sacraments! Now is the time for everyone to return to church. The Lord is calling to us in our hearts: “The sheep that belong to me listen to my voice” (John 10: 27).

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