By Bishop Philip Egan - May 25th, 2023 | Posted in News No comments

Congratulations to Portsmouth Seminarian Ryan Browne (centre), who was admitted as a Candidate for Holy Orders (Candidacy) by Bishop Paul Tighe (Dicastery for Culture and Education) during Mass at the Venerable English College in Rome last Sunday morning. Mathias Ledum (Oslo) and Viktor Torres Airava (Helsinki) were admitted to Candidacy at the same time. Candidacy is the last major step on their journey towards ordination.

Ryan Hawkes and Jack Ryan become acolytes

Ryan Hawkes and Jack Ryan, were recently instituted to the Ministry of Acolyte by Archbishop Augustine Di Noia OP at the Venerable English College in Rome as part of their journey towards ordination. An acolyte, from the Greek term ‘akolouthos’ means a server, who assists the deacon and the priest in liturgical celebrations, especially the Eucharistic Liturgy. From left to right in the photo are: Ben Sinclair (Diocese of Hexham & Newcastle), Stuart McGovern (Waterford & Lismore), Ryan Hawkes (Portsmouth), Jonathan Henry (Birmingham) and Jack Ryan (Portsmouth).

Please pray for all of our Seminarians as they continue their Formation studies