By Zachary Herford - November 2nd, 2022 | Posted in News No comments

Caritas was thrilled to roll out its first community activity session on Nagomi art, designed especially for elderly new arrivals from across the Globe. This activity forms part of the ongoing work providing a space and hub for new arrivals at Immaculate Conception parish in Portswood, Southampton.

The Nagomi art process is a simple method to help calm and relieve stress. Participants chose and blended colours and then used their fingers to create their paintings in the Nagomi style. The informal nature of the session allowed the members to share their challenges and difficulties in adapting to life in the UK, particularly as elderly arrivals. They offered support and solidarity to each other.

Caritas hopes to continue providing ways to engage and offer further support as people settle into the community. For more on the work of Caritas go to: