'Deus Caritas Est' - God is Love (1 Jn 4:8), is the beginning and end of charity, which is the ordered expression of love of neighbour within the communion and mission of the Church.


What is


The meaning of the word “Caritas” is the practical expression of Christian love. Caritas Diocese of Portsmouth does this by working predominantly at parish level, helping to determine and address local needs and to design social action projects which respond to these needs especially to help the most vulnerable. All the projects promoted will be firmly rooted in Catholic Social Teaching.

How can I run a 

Caritas Project in

my parish?

Caritas already has a range of projects that you might wish to replicate in your parish, perhaps a Holiday Club or maybe the InSight project or even a Mens Shed. Or you may have a new project idea and would like some assistance from Caritas to get it up and going.


There are so many areas in which our church can be reaching out to those in need, such as those suffering from mental health, people with dementia and their carers, homelessness etc.  Another might be an existing parish project that you might want to badge with Caritas. Whatever the request get in touch with us if you think Caritas could be of assistance. 

Love in Action


All that Caritas does is based on Catholic Social Teaching or CST for short. This is often not well known and is sometimes referred to as the best kept secret in the Catholic Church. 

Because of this, we have multiple education initiatives to promote the richness of Catholic Social Teaching.

If you would like to run or support a Caritas project, or if you have any inquiries about Caritas, please contact the Caritas team below.

Office Number: 02392 825430

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